Wagram Stories

is an independent global creative company, active in music production, liveshows and concerts, movies, videocontent and book publishing.

With an editorial line focused on music, Wagram Stories brings   unique perspectives for development and creative expression to its artists.


Wagram   Stories  is the parent company   of   Wagram   Music,Wagram Publishing, W Spectacle,Wagram Films and Wagram Books.

In a creative world redefined by strong digital growth, Wagram Stories brings high added value to artists, in sectors where skills are very specific and required investments are significant.

Wagram Stories’ "360" model (one operator for different exploitations) is based on the agility and coordination of its different divisions. Depending on the circumstances, needs and desires, different divisions work together on the development of projects or careers, creating powerful synergies.

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Wagram Stories is based in Paris

with over a hundred staff located rue de Turenne. It also has an international network and offices in Los Angeles and Berlin. An independent company.

Wagram Stories was founded and is chaired by Stephan Bourdoiseau. He is also President of the Export Office of French Music, President of the Union of Independent French Phonographic Producers (UPFI), and member of the Board of Directors of Impala (Independant Music Companies Association).