Wagram Music

In recent years, Wagram Music has enjoyed major successes in music production and artist development, with artists such as Orelsan, -M-, The Dø, Dominique A, Katerine, Lilly Wood & The Prick, Aaron, Brigitte, Saez, Corneille ...


Our labels

Wagram Music has five labels, whose musical identities are diverse and complementary, serving 70 artists:  3ème Bureau, Chapter Two, Cinq7,  LaBréa, Wlab.

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Wagram music is a distributor

Wagram Music is a digital and physical records distributor, in France and abroad, for its own labels and a few prestigious labels: Beggars, Panenka, Radio Nova, Buddha Bar.

Wagram Music is associated with the label Panenka.

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An international department

develops opportunities (licenses, synchronisations, etc) for Wagram’s artists abroad, in close coordination with our offices in L.A .and Berlin.

A marketing department

creates value for contemporary and back catalogues. In close coordination with artists, it also produces original releases around various concepts, developing prestigious and meaningfull collaborations : with media companies, with brands, with other artists or artistical scenes, with select venues and brands.

Casque et Piano

Wagram Publishing

is a music publisher, founded in 2003. Wagram Publishing concentrates on the development of new songwriters and composers. Wagram Publishing works closely with artists on the continuous and sustained exploitation of their works, and is one of the key intermediaries with the market.

Wagram Publishing’s catalogue includes over 1700 original works. Wagram Publishing also represents several catalogs in sub-edition and manages the catalogs of multiple labels.

Wagram Publishing is represented worldwide by Warner Chappell.